We are proud to offer the highest quality, most consistent, world's best worm castings available on the market at a very reasonable price point, available year round.  We have over 400,000 square feet of working worms with 400 cubic yards of castings available per week.   

Castings are shipped in 2 cubic yard 'super' sacks.

Each 'super' sack equates to 1 pallet on a truck.

Each truck can hold 24 pallets. 

Titan Worm Castings for RETAIL.

25lb bags

​WHITE LABEL our Castings


We organically grow our own food for the worms, controlling the process from start to finish.  

We spoil our worms with a superior organic diet and they spoil us with the best castings in the industry.

  • No odor

  • No chemicals

  • Non-toxic, safe around children and pets

  • No fillers, nothing added to diminish the natural quality of our castings

  • No chemical fertilizers, no insecticides, no herbicides


  1. Increases moisture retention​

  2. Provides beneficial bacteria & fungus

  3. Provides slow release nutrients

  4. Contains vital minor elements

  5. Effective with all soil types

  6. Improves soil structure

  7. Incorporate into existing soil or spread on top

  8. Will not burn roots

  9. Great for starting seedlings​