Hemp is a very important, cultural, spiritual, symbolic and economic material for the Hmong people.

It is the 'threads of life'.

In history as retold by the elders, the Hmong wear white hemp. In the Ch'uan Miao folklore, when the Hmong fled their homeland, it was like a river of cotton in the distance. 


A collaboration to create sustainable supply solutions for a global market, using industrial hemp in manufacturing.

Given Thailand's comprehensive understanding of the high quality fiber found in the industrial hemp plant has placed them as a industrial hemp front-runner on the global stage.  

In January 2003, Thailand proclaimed their country would study and support the cultivation and manufacturing of industrial hemp in a pilot program starting in 5 provinces including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Tak and Phetchabun.  

The Royal Program created the HRDI (Highland Research and Development Institute), this institute who owns the governance over the nations industrial hemp program, has given True Hmong Global Distribution Ltd., the exclusive permit for Thailand Commercial Industrial Hemp Growing and Manufacturing Production.

Thailand throws down epic goals for Hemp agriculture:

  • To fulfill the Queen's desires to leverage hemp for economic benefit.  
  • Generate income for agriculture
  • Reduce the Use of Chemicals in Farming and Manufacturing
  • To become a learning center for hemp fiber

Titan Hemp and Titan Bioplastics,  is committed to providing industrial manufacturing solutions and clients for hemp production for Thailand.