With decades of experience in the production of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Hemp Terra brings the Cannabis and Hemp industry, this remarkable harvesting technology. Commonly known as a BUCKER.

Professionally designed using highest quality food grade Stainless steel and coatings, these machines will provide years and years of reliable operation, with minimal maintenance costs, sold at a competitive price.

These heavy duty-built Buckers are designed to be used in fast paced, harsh industrial farming environments, easy to use, yet with maximum efficiency.

Simply insert the end of the branch loaded with flower and leaf into the hole and the machine gently grabs the end, removing all the flower and leaves from the stem.


  • Heavy duty capacity, with minimal maintenance
  • Simple and effective method of stripping the stems
  • Versatility for slowing down the machine or speeding it up, depending on the materials- with adjustable speeds.
  • Will work on wet or dry material.
  • Wide selection of receiving holes up to 22mm
  • Equipment hole width is 40cm which allows more than one operator to work on the machine at a time.

Additional equipment can be connected, like a Stem Mill (purchased separately) o Silent operation with forward and reverse speeds to easily clean and remove any blocks.

The equipment comes on wheels for easy mobility.

All parts are warrantied for 1 year. 

HEMP TERRA ‘BUCKERS’ - $15,000. (not including shipping or applicable taxes).
Discounts may apply for purchases of 2 or more machines.