Hemp is the next generation of furniture, plant-based plastics, mainstream fabrics and building materials; natural, breathable and chemical-free.

Those suffering from asthma, allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (also known as MCS, environmental illness, idiopathic environmental intolerance or total allergy syndrome) may be completely cured of some or all of their ailments by living in a clean-air, toxin-free home. Nearly all chemical constituents of an average house - plastics, synthetic fibers, carpeting, glue/resin, paints, petroleum products, etc. - can be replaced altogether by hemp-based products, completely eliminating common chemicals from your living space.

Anything wood can do, hemp can do better.  A lot of wood goes into making furniture; couches, chairs, etc. can all be made entirely out of hemp.  Hemp textiles produce strong, flexible, durable and comfortable upholstery, pillow stuffing, drapes/curtains, carpeting, hammocks and webbing, which presents a natural alternative to polyester or nylon.  

Zeoform (Austrialia) has created a hemp-plastic resin called Hempstone, for use in musical instruments, loudspeakers, and furniture. Hempstone can be carved in almost any shape making the number of applications unlimited.

According to Brett Marlo, a designer named Werner Aisslinger built his first hemp chair by applying Henry Ford's hemp technology. A natural fiber molded furniture from hemp boasts the same strength as glass fiber.  One can design organic shapes and colors highly stable with an ecological approach.

Imagine a clean and pure home using hemp as insulation and creating hemp floors, walls, cabinets, curtains and furnishings! 


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