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Jay Jeno gives The Renew hemp car a big thumbs up!  It's made with 100lbs of woven cannabis hemp, and virtually carbon neutral.  It's 10x stronger than steel, and 1000lbs lighter - talk about the fuel efficiency!  

Hemp is the next generation of transportation.  Hemp is already being made into compressed door panel and dashboards. Carmakers such BMW and The Renew are currently using hemp composite door panels, consoles and even the entire car body.

These hemp composites are less expensive than dangerous fiberglass counterparts. Hemp fiberglass replacements would only cost 50 to 70 cents a pound. These hemp composites could replace carbon and glass fibers, which have environmental and weight problems, and run from 60 cents to 5 dollars a pound.

The reason why many European car makers are switching to hemp based door panels, columns, seat backs, boot linings, floor consoles, instrument panels, and other external components is because the organic hemp based products are lighter, safer in accidents, recyclable, and more durable.


CNBC | Getty Images
Jay Leno with Bruce Dietzen's 2017 Renew on
CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage"