Titan FLP Reveals the Potential.

Why Does Titan Hemp Create Strategic Frontline Partnerships?

1. FLP's create value for both organizations.
2. The work within the FLP is managed by both sides.
3. FLP members share the risks and rewards (example:  IBM & Apple create an FLP, and together as partners, they develop apps used by IBM's largest clients;  this FLP creates value for both companies, and each get paid for their sales of each product and service). 

Titan manages each of these Frontline Partnerships wearing white gloves.  If it’s worth tying that knot it’s worth working together to make it pay off.  Sadly, statistics show us that one-third to two-thirds of all partnerships fail.  To protect from being another statistic, Titan subscribes to this law:

1+1 = 3 (meaning, our Frontline Partnerships create more value together than one would separately)

There are many ways to create joint value with Titan.  Sharing resources and leaning on what party does best - it’s worth stressing because it’s a must have in every partnership Titan designs.

Titan Hemp Frontline Partnerships support global sustainable initiatives, creating linear, turnkey programs supporting the integrity of  take-make-waste patterns of production, manufacturing, consumption and clean regeneration.  

Titan Hemp FLP is developing long-term programs to manage the supply chain of hemp materials from raw to ready™, as well as cutting edge innovative hemp technologies.

Titan’s FLP purpose is about building integral business sectors, supporting hemp mfrs, processors and farmers from seed to sale™ creating a value chain of raw to refined hemp materials for use in bio innovative commodities.

Titan’s FLP vision is global with vertically integrated agricultural manufacturing to supply pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, the plastics industry, carbon composite replacements, manufacturing and biofuels.

Titan's FLP is driven to make Titan Hemp a global exchange platform, with offices in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and beyond.

Titan Frontline Partnerships = Valuable Farmer Resources 

​Authentic, Vetted & Viable.  

Titan's FLP is designed to support partners exclusively dedicated to one another.  

Inoculant FLP – farmers need a team of agronomists to help guide their grow, all the way from seeding to harvest and beyond.  It’s all about balancing the soil and custom formulating to the soil.  Every farm is different.

Crop Coverage FLP – farmers needs the trusted vetted  professionals who can guide them to the right crop coverage applicable to location and terrain.

Genetic FLP – the farmer needs to count on the right DNA to grow quality hemp materials.

Funding FLP  – the farmer needs funds to support various stages of their grow, from seed to sale, each farm is has varying needs in in different areas

Broker FLP – the farmer needs vetted buyers who have been thoroughly authenticated as hemp is a valuable cash crop, these brokers are trusted with the Titan portal and empowered to define and aggregate their data, therefore closing sales because of the tech backbone of Titan system.

Material FLP Representation – the farmer needs a vetted system for material representation.  Titan has the right platform to build for the appropriate representation, from seed to sale™ and from raw to ready