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Jane & Shotgun are available to license in your US State or Country.

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200mg, 30ml

We utilize a special CBD oil refining process second to none, including winterizing the CBD oil down to temperatures -40 degrees.

We only use superior grade organic natural flavors in all of our products.  

We have researched the best and most healthy proprietary blends of E-Juice ingredients (Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol).  Our juice is smooth, with no harshness and provides a quality cloud.

Detoxifies & Rejuvenates
Faster Hydration
Faster Muscle Recovery
Promotes pH Balancing
Lowers Blood Pressure
Fluoride Free
Good for Skin, Hair &Nails
Great for Acid Reflux
Curbs Appetite
Great for Diabetics
Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Wild Cherry

Unicorn Punch

Pina Colada

​Strawberry Lemonade



Full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich, water soluble hemp, infused into premium formulated water.

Citizen Jane advanced, patented water treatment technology creates a premium oxygenated, alkaline water, with natural antioxidants and electrolytes. It tastes great and offers a multitude of benefits beyond regular water. 

Proven double-blind placebo, peer-backed research, has shown our water can boost the immune system and physical performance – and that’s without the hemp! 

All Natural

Increases Energy
Boosts Metabolism
Boosts Immune System
Flushes Toxins
Improves Aerobic Capacity
Aids in Weight Loss
No Calories
Electrolyte Enhanced
No Sugar

Tastes Great

  • HEMP-INFUSED (OPTIONAL)  10mg CBD per 24oz bottle
  • ​8oz ‘Super Hero Water’ bubblegum flavor, for kids
  • 24oz/24 bottles per case
  • 5 pallet minimum