Building with Hemp

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.  Hempcrete & Responsible Design. 

Hemp outshines lithium!  A hemp super capacitor weighing 1 kilo has been reported to store 47.3 kw.  Titan is poised to usher in the next iteration with hemp as the sustainable frontrunner. 

 To change the world you need sustainable commodity supply and we have that with relationships here in the US, Canada, Central America, and 350,000 magnificent acres in Thailand.

We are creating whole and parts of a 'Circular Economy' for industry, with the quintessential Circular Economy product, hemp. 

Biodegradable plastics: Change the world, its doable today.  

high tech fabrics : building materials : auto composites : bio plastics :  bio-energy : nanotechnology : bio-fuel : graphene replacement

Hemp shiv is the only plant material that will petrify when mixed with a little lime and water, sets up like concrete yet will remain breathable allowing moisture to absorb and escape for hundreds of years. 

We are the supplier's supplier.  Sustainability means, regardless of your manufacturing requirements, we sustain your Hemp Extract or Industrial Hemp supply with unlimited quantities, indefinitely, with no break in the supply chain. 


The Market for Hemp Products

Steve Allin author of 'Building with Hemp' shows in this video the tests for the fire resistance of hempcrete featured in the new 2nd edition

Building w/Hemp:  Joni Lane TEDx Charlottesville 

Hemp For Victory (1942)


Made from the chassis of a Mazda convertible, the hemp car is bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘green machine’ and could soon be seen on high roads around the world. The man behind the car, Bruce Dietzen from Florida, hopes his environmentally friendly automobile could help debunk the taboo behind the cannabis plant and its uses. Bruce was inspired to build the sports car after hearing about renowned industrialist, Henry Ford, using the durable material in 1941 to build the world’s first hemp car.

Interviews with companies and state officials talking about the growing market for industrial hemp products.


This film was required viewing for all US farmers during WWII by Federal mandate.

Hemp For Victory is a 1942 film documentary made to encourage farmers to grow hemp during World War 2 because other industrial fibers including hemp, often imported from overseas, were in short supply. The film shows a history of hemp and hemp products, how hemp is grown, and how hemp is processed into rope, cloth, cordage, and other products.

Produced by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture


  We work with brokers and distributors around the world. Referrals are cherished and honored.  Our team is well-versed in multi-vendor environments. 


The Power of Hemp

Fireproof Hemp

Our team of scientists have created bio composite formulations for manufacturing.  Bioplastics, hemp graphene, hemp fiber replacing fiber glass, hemp pulp replacing wood pulp and hempcrete replacing cement.

Hemp Automotive

​Our mission is to transform the unsustainable into the sustainable.  We source sustainable supplies of industrial hemp for plant based formulations, to support the Fortune 500 embracing new bio technologies. Hemp plastics, Hemp- Graphene and Hemp Nanotechnologies in manufacturing is now available.  Our science and production teams in our sister company, Titan Bioplastics, create composite materials in bio plastics for commercial and industrial manufacturing solutions.   

From packaging, to cars and planes, bio-composites are the future. 

From Seed to Sale we are your global hemp and bio composite connection.

A short film about the miracle plant called hemp. Get to know potentially the greatest land plant that could tremendously benefit humanity and the planet and find out why the criminal federal government doesn't want you to grow it in the US.